April 23rd, 2015

Sorting our snacks taught us a few things.

1. Most of our food is packaged in plastic.

2. If we add all the waste from just our grade level for  a whole month, it could easily fill up our classroom.

3. If we have to use plastic, which is convenient and inexpensive, then we should use plastic containers that are reusable .


April 16th, 2015

Always a fun and exciting day is International Day at ISM. Kids come in their national costumes and all flags of nationalities represented in the ES are ” unfurled”. The grade 2 parents organized 7 centers, each one representing a nationality, and within that center showcasing an element of their culture. There were games, crafts, dancing, music and food tasting. We all had a terrific time.

Field Trip to Tzu Chi Foundation

March 27th, 2015


The whole grade 2 went on a field trip to Tzu Chi foundation . After watching some videos and listening to how the foundation started, we went to different stations which they have set up for us. It was very interesting to see this kind of organization exist in Metro Manila where caring for the environment is prioritized and many volunteers come in daily to help out. The kids were able to create some bracelets from recycled materials, play a recycling/sorting game, crash PET bottles and plant some seeds in their organic garden. Thanks to all the parents who came out with us.

Field Trip to Gardenia

March 12th, 2015

Last Tuesday, all of grade two went over to the Gardenia Bread Factory for a field trip related to our unit on Sustainability and Production. We witnessed the bread making production line and watched a video explaining every process. The trip was both fun and educational  as we learned first hand how wheat became bread. Another exciting part of the tour was being able to taste and buy some of the companies products. Thanks to all the moms who came with us to chaperon the groups.

Beans On Toast

March 4th, 2015

Beans On Toast is the story of how beans are grown, harvested, manufactured, transported and delivered to the stores for people to buy. It also tells of how a family uses beans on toast for breakfast. The words are simple and the sentences are short. The illustrations are very good and helps explain the process well. After reading the book, the kids chose a partner and worked on making the story more interesting to read by adding lots of details, using time order words, using exciting adjectives and  strong verbs. we plan to put our books in the CMC so that others may enjoy reading them.

Sports Day – Covered Court Events

February 14th, 2015

Towards the end of the day, the students moved to the covered courts area for more fun events. I think the circus skills station was a big hit.

Sports Day – Pool Events

February 13th, 2015

Thank goodness the rain held off, otherwise we would all be WET !!!! What???


February 13th, 2015

What a great day for sportsmanship !!!


January 30th, 2015

Here are the guardians enjoying some fun THRASS activities. THRASS helps us with reading , writing and most especially spelling. We enjoy playing games to help us learn.


January 22nd, 2015

As they say, visualizing is the sister to imagining. When we read, we create all these images in our head. The author takes us to places we have never been or may remind us of an experience we’ve had that’s similar and so we make strong connections to his story. Each reader can create a different picture in their head depending on how they interpret the author’s words. It is an important reading strategy that the students should practice all the time.